Part 2: Introducing Blue Star Planning Features

Part 2: Introducing Blue Star Planning Features

Part 2: Introducing Blue Star Planning Features 150 150 Ivan

This week’s post continues to walk you through the features of our production management platform. As a reminder, in each new post, we’ll examine four specific features in further detail, describing what they are and how they would benefit your production. The first post of the series, which covered Production Process Management, Easy-to-Use Planboard, Quick Onboarding, and Powerful Insights, is available to read here.

Information at your fingertips

Our platform allows you to find information quickly and zoom in on common production status types or issues. In other words, it allows for the easy detection of production elements relevant to your specific role, as well as the simple navigation and comparison of specific machines.

A tool for your operator to start and stop his operations

Give your operator control over their operations. Blue Star Planning platform is a straightforward tool for initiating and terminating production runs, giving your team complete control. It’s easy to learn and can be done on the job even if you don’t have any specialized knowledge.

Workflow engine for automation

Our workflow engine automates your processes out of the box based on our standard templates and APIs. The configurability assures you always end up with an exact implementation for your production environment, keep the flexibility of configurability for the future, and have interoperability and integration at your fingertips.

Combining telemetry data with your production order data for more insight and improvement

Our production management platform combines machine telemetry and sensor data from your production environment, making it easier to track and trace and find common patterns in your current setup. This sets you up for the perfect feedback cycles and continuous improvement. Through implementing JIT and lean approaches, our platform helps you make data-driven decisions that ultimately lead to better business outcomes, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

At Blue Star Planning, we recognize the importance of keeping your preferred production strategy and have made it possible to automate your production with a focus on improvement of your planning and scheduling, but where you have control of it. That way you get the benefits of increased efficiency, while at the same time keeping the decision-making to yourself. It is simple to connect the workflow engine itself via APIs, allowing you to take your production processes to the next level right out of the box.