Additional services

to further improve your production business

Boost your business

As a result of specializing in production planning and having a diverse background, our team has a thorough understanding of complementary services. In addition to our proprietary algorithms, we offer a wide range of services such as:

  • data visualization and forecasting
  • counseling production enhancements
  • consultancy and integration support
  • …as well as much more upon request

Blue Academy

Our software platform is easy to use and learn. It’s so simple that you can learn it while working on it, but to make it easier, we have made our Blue Academy automatically available for everyone that likes to prepare in advance.

Blue Academy was created as a platform to help you better understand business logic and change your implementation. Technical documentation, how-to videos, and other resources are available here.

Integrating Blue Star platform

Our planning and scheduling software platform is the backbone of our company. We are especially proud of the platform’s extensive list of APIs, which allows for extensive integration with existing software and hardware environments.

Moreover, each implementation partner has a personal custom environment in which they use and visualize its datasets. Because all of the information is stored in the cloud, you can access it at any time and from any location.

Quick and low-cost integration

Our low-code Blue Star Planning platform is designed to quickly integrate with your existing environment. Extensive APIs enable integration with all of the functions that our platform provides, allowing low-cost and quick integration while maintaining all the customization options for your production. Due to extensive connectivity, we go several steps further in planning and scheduling services, which is why we have divided our integration steps into four different sections that we call pillars.