Production planning straight from the heart

Who are we?

We breathe labels

Our story begins in the 1980s with the founding of the label printing company Starlabel. Back then, label printers still coated their material themselves. But computers were already playing a role and our production planning was transparent with our own software in DBasic.

20 years later we have developed a low-code platform for ERP/MIS. Industries in production with special parameterization benefit enormously from the flexibility of the software. Widely used in the steel industry and of course in our own label and linerless printing shop.

But the meticulous planning of production jobs across all presses and departments was not fully automated and efficient. We have now developed the software platform for this. Automatic production planning: The most efficient production flow in your factory based on your parameters.

Our Expertise

From successfully implementing our ERP/MIS platform to running our own label and linerless factory. All experiences are in our software platform.

Our Innovation

Our software platform has intelligence and advanced algorithms to automate production planning.

Our Promise

We have a clear four-step plan for your success, and we carefully discuss and plan the feasibility together.

Innovative team with experience in technology

CEO & technical consultant
Jorrit Reedijk
E Almeida
Software Engineer
S Shameli
Software Engineer
L Bugeag

We are always interested in meeting new people. Contact us and come by, we would like to get to know each other 🙂

Office Manager
N Reedijk
Data Scientist
A Kooiker
Software Engineer
B Bikics
Hardware Engineer in secret lab
Communication Officer
I Budimcic
Process and Test Engineer
K Zunun
Software Engineer
M Mih
Floor Manager