Blue Star Planning

Our Vision.

We believe that with our specialism in Advanced Planning and Scheduling, we can create the ideal production planning to reduce waste in time and material and make it the norm for all industries all over the world to reduce waste overall.

Who we are.

Every story has a beginning.

Our story begins between sophisticated production machines at the heart of a family business. From the culture of always improving, striving for quality and higher productivity, we experienced success and overcame struggles in highly competitive markets.   

Through our love of technology, we developed low code software ERP platforms, successfully implementing software solutions for logistics and manufacturing, servicing numerous clients in service consultancies, steel trade and manufacturing industries, all of which we still do to this day.

This strong basis in manufacturing has set up our talented team, who together put over half a century of experience in our next best software platform for advanced planning and scheduling for production companies.

Our Mission.

Becoming the most used Advanced Planning and Scheduling software platform by manufacturing industries by creating the ideal production planning to support their operational excellence.

What we do.

Software platforms for production.

We are the specialist in creating your ideal production planning that leads to operational excellence and your OEE's automatic optimization. We fulfill this with highly advanced software technology to deliver the absolute best job planning with our Advanced Planning and Scheduling software platform. Our easy-to-implement APS-software will be a great addition to your current ERP.

Our solutions fit within production companies, system integrators, and industrial automation for various manufacturing industries. Advanced algorithms are continually monitoring your production environment, recalculating, taking action, and signaling when needed.

We'd love to be in contact with you, if it's business wise, or just for a little chat.

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Core team

The core team is directly available from our HQ for you and your questions.
When needed they are your bridge to our remote development team and consultants.

JM Reedijk

CEO & Software Engineer

N Reedijk

HR Manager

S van der Heijden

Marketing & Communications and Business Development

E Almeida


Z Unlu

Software Engineer and UX/Design

K Radkov

Software Engineer

A Mons

Software Engineer

B Bikics

Software Engineer

M Mih

Software Engineer

Onboarding October 4

Software Engineer

A Kooiker

Data scientist

F van der Plas

Hardware engineer


Floor manager


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