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BSP APS, aka Blue Star Planning's Advanced Planning and Scheduling, is one of the newest industry 4.0 planning software's in the field. With more than 20 years of experience in software development, Blue Star Planning has developed one APS software solution that consists of seven key modules to create the ideal production schedule in these dynamic and complex manufacturing environments.


The planning of and response to customer requests in your production planning, in particular, is actually the primary process, whereas ERP only facilitates this as a secondary process. The APS software of Blue Star Planning makes your production planning the primary process. BSP APS will complete, integrate and incorporate all available knowledge with the already available technology in your factories, like ERP/MIS software and other Industry 4.0 systems.


BSP APS combines constraint-based planning with automatic optimization and sequencing for the dynamic and complex production environment. It optimizes the output of resources, aligns internal departments and inbound and outbound logistics, processes changes seamlessly and lets you plan for the future today. 


Together, the seven BSP APS modules work to get higher output from your machines by optimizing production sequences on machines and across departments. Using the latest techniques developed for cloud computing, we can apply Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to your data, apply our algorithms to your planning and integrate with your existing software and solutions.


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