Creating your ideal production planning

BSP APS uses advanced technology to create optimal planning proposals to make the production of your products as efficient as possible. We call this Constraint-Based Planning. This takes into account variables on which you depend; think of available material, delivery times, changeover times and limited staffing. BSP ensures that you get more out of your machines by optimizing the production sequence on machines and between departments, proactive planning and continuous calculations. Using the latest techniques, developed for cloud computing, we can apply Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to your data, apply our algorithms to your planning and integrate with your existing software as an add-on or stand-alone.
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Make your planning the primary process.

Planning orders and responding to customer requests is in fact a primary process, while ERP/MIS systems facilitate this only secondary. We complement where ERP/MIS stops. With APS software from Blue Star Planning, your production planning becomes the primary process. By applying our full range of planning knowledge to your complex production environment, Blue Star Planning transforms your transactional order data and your planner knowledge into actionable planning data, interactive planning proposals and much more...
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Our main process

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A selection of the advantages
Prevent unplanned downtime, unnecessary changeover times and waste.
Optimize the production sequence on machines and departments.
Make the processing of orders and other data processes transparent for the entire factory.
Gain insight into various limitations and bottlenecks of systems and processes.
Respond quickly to variables and changing conditions through automatic scheduling proposals.
Make planning decisions at strategic, tactical and operational levels.