Coming to the strategy for standardizing your production

Coming to the strategy for standardizing your production

Coming to the strategy for standardizing your production 150 150 Ivan

Standardizing your production to a high level is a goal most companies strive for. However, as many have experienced, this path is a long and complex one. Missing one of the steps to proper standardization can detour the whole process for months and even years, leading to substantial profit losses that could result possibly even the closure of businesses.

One of the most important aspects of standardizing the production processes in a factory is having a scalable plan that can be modified without creating too many challenges. In business development, the capacity to revise and quickly adapt to potential changes is a step that is frequently skipped, but by planning ahead, you can be ready for any potential issues before they emerge. After all, having a good plan is one thing, but the most crucial aspect of business development is being able to adjust to obstacles along the way and change your plan to account for new obstacles.

To adopt this strategy, many productions have begun implementing new solutions in collaboration with implementation partners in the last couple of years. These partners are usually businesses that offer supplemental services, such as consulting, ERP suppliers, or, of course, production planning experts. Early planning of the data collection frequently reduces implementation times and has a direct impact on production control. What many fail to realize is that when preparing your standardization, it’s important to consider both current and potential drawbacks in addition to carefully assessing your current production. Without proper measurement of your improvement steps, your success is left to chance and pure probability, regardless of whether you are using Six Sigma or any other improvement framework.

Working with planning consultants assures a less biased approach to business standardization and positions you to see the bigger picture, which in practice is what set you up to run a successful business.

If you constantly want to improve your position and want a sparring partner to kick off further improvements, reach out to us at Blue Star Planning. Together, we will evaluate the challenges and decide whether it makes sense for us to collaborate.

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