Do you need AI to improve your production planning?

Do you need AI to improve your production planning?

Do you need AI to improve your production planning? 150 150 Ivan

What should I know about AI in production?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is often portrayed as a single solution to a variety of production-related issues. The fact that AI is a broad term that encompasses many different subfields, including machine learning and pattern recognition, deep learning, process automation, and many more, is frequently ignored in those circumstances. This suggests that while it is simple to claim that integrating AI is the best solution to all your production problems, in practice, it is more common than not that implementing an AI solution results in expensive disappointment due to its misuse. This procedure is comparable to removing Phillips screws by using a flathead screwdriver – it performs reasonably well when compared to using no tools at all, but when compared to a proper Phillips screwdriver, it has serious drawbacks.

Understanding the underlying principles of the AI solution you’re implementing can mean the difference between a quick, cost-effective success and a costly failure. There are two points to consider depending on whether you want to find a way to automate non-repetitive decisions, such as receiving special orders on a routine basis or automating regular production orders. If you’re still unsure about which option you need, consider what you want to improve and what you need to increase your current production.

What are the benefits of a good software platform?

Fortunately, proper software can effectively address both aforementioned issues by forecasting potential missing variables and filling in the voids in its calculations – meaning that even the first batch will produce significantly better results than software that takes a different approach. Alternative solutions effectively use only the best solution you have so far, which is heavily reliant on existing data. Prior poor planning or poor data quality has a direct impact on your results in these cases. Using your current production processes does not necessarily imply that they are inadequate. However, it does not rule out the probability that it could be significantly improved.

Situations like these are where having a good software platform can help you take your company to the next level. Comparing to constantly fixing existing problems and patching up holes where there should not be any from the start, the introduction of proactive production planning will help avoid costly mistakes, miscalculations, and mediocre results.

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