What we need is really simple

What we need is really simple

What we need is really simple 150 150 Jorrit Reedijk

“What we need is really simple.”

This is a phrase I heard often in 15 years offering and implementing tailor made – low code – ERP solutions. There could be 2 meanings behind this phrase. The first is, a potential client wants a quick solution that doesn’t cost much. When the problem is actually hard to solve, you should turn around and run away.

The second is, the actual solution should make the task at hand really simple. The solution can be complicated and the potential client acknowledges this. The actual question should be rephrased to “What we need is really complicated, but can you please make it as simple for us as possible”.

When there is mutual understanding in that a solution is complicated to achieve, you are halfway in earning each others trust in setting up and accomplishing a development and implementation project together.

Automating business processes is hard. Planning and scheduling in a hectic production environment in the packaging industries is even harder. Keeping an eye on all your production orders with constantly changing constraints is undoable. Even with todays reliable ERP software solutions.

With Blue Star Planning we have created extremely smart and complex software to solve the planning and scheduling challenges. A software platform that allows you to run your factory more efficiently, supports your automation needs, and lets you track exactly what goes well, and what needs attention. Our user interfaces even make this simple. And this simplicity also extends to the setup of our platform and for the implementation cycle.

What you need is really complicated. We will make it as simple as possible for you.

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Jorrit Reedijk

Founder of Starlogic and Blue Star Planning, developing software and business since 2000.

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