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Maximize productivity in you factory by using our algorithms to optimize production order sequencing on your resources.


Make planning your primary process

Reacting to your clients demands and plan your production accordingly, is basically your primary process. But your current MIS/ERP solution only facilitates this as a secondary function. We add to where your MIS/ERP stops. With the Blue Star Planning platform your production planning becomes your primary process again. By using the full palette of knowledge and software to your complex production environment, Blue Star Planning transforms your transactional order data and your planners intrinsic knowledge into usable data to generate planning proposals. This gives you back your speed and agility in reacting to your customers demands.
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Do you spend a lot of time scheduling your production? Plan now to reduce time!
Blue Star Planning actively improves your production planning, productivity and communication.
Production planning for the workflow. The best suitable planning published to clear user interfaces across your factory.
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Your production data is always available to speed up your analysis. Safely available for those who need access.


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Plan now to make production planning your primary process again!