The Bird

We identify ourselves with the hummingbird, as we both have an unique view of the world and share many distinguishing similarities.

Unique Qualities of Hummingbirds

They've Got the Moves

Bird eyes: the greatest eyes on earth.

The smallest bird in the world, but with an excellent and unique set of brains with which he can keep a very accurate eye on his surroundings. To go into a little more detail, Hummingbirds have a unique view of the world because the neurons are directed in all directions. This creates a 360 degree visual overview of its environment. They respond to all visual signals regardless of direction or angle.

Just like the hummingbird, our system is capable of seeing and reacting to the production environment. Everything to which our system is connected falls under our 360-degree field of vision.

Hummingbirds see colors we can’t even imagine

The tiny birds’ ability to see colors outside the rainbow is “one of the most exciting things I’ve ever witnessed,” Hummingbirds can perceive colors that the human eye cannot, thanks to the addition of an extra cone in the hummingbird's eye that we humans simply don't possess.

With this unique feature, we make a comparison with our algorithms, which can offer insightful solutions that we humans would never be able to see with the current planning systems. Together we discover the world of new ways to optimize, using new techniques that give us insights that have never been seen before.

Orange and Red, the colors of optimalisation.

Hummingbirds have a strong preference and attention for orange and red flowers. Hummingbirds have learned that these colors often indicate a rich nectar source, so they visit these flowers repeatedly for their next sip.

When the situation arises, we quickly fly to the yellow and red lights as they appear in our field of vision, the deliberately designed dashboard. In other words, we fly directly to the promising opportunities for optimization in the organizational environment.

Made to optimize 

Research shows that the brain of a hummingbird is optimized to fly. The hummingbird is the only bird in the world that can fly both forwards and backwards. It can also "stand still" in the air, fly sideways and even upside down.

We believe that we have a unique property that is made to optimize. Our proactive intelligent software 'flies' continuously back and forth from bottom to top, from left to right through the past, present and future to teach us how to optimize. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to pause in the moment and go deeper into the planning.

Discover places no one else can reach

Many plants depend on the hummingbird for pollination, which is usually done by insects. Because of its long beak and tongue, the hummingbird can reach places in the flower where insects can never reach. Our intelligence takes us to places that were previously hidden or not yet fully exploited. We go deeper into the matter, and with our algorithmic-bird view approach we do not ignore anything that can be used.

Remembering every flower

Hummingbirds are enormously intelligent and can remember every flower where they have ever seen and how long it takes for this flower to fill up with nectar again.

We have the ability to remember your logistic and production systems and use everything you ever enter into the system. No data is forgotten or skipped once it has been entered. That is why you can connect us to all your existing planning systems, we remember everything.

It's nice to get to know you too!

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