maximize productivity by creating the ideal production planning

Gain higher output from your machines by optimizing production sequence on machines and among departments. With the cloud platform that truly understands your production environment, your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) will be optimized and lead times shortened. With telemetry and cloud-powered AI it is the DNA of the platform to continuously improve your scheduling, reduce waste, and still deliver on time.

Autonomous Advanced Planning and Scheduling

The ideal

The best combinations of jobs on machines for the largest possible output. The opportunity to improve and create optimal an planning is always there for you. Our algorithms never sleep: continuously monitoring for the most efficient sequencing of production jobs with your resources.

Calculate an optimal planning immediately. The mathematical approach delivers the most efficient production and logistical sequencing, for short- and long-term planning. The platform schedules make-to-order short runs to order for small quantities and provides an overview on large orders and long-term planning.

No lengthy, laborious task of examining all jobs in manual mode. Whether the software automatically schedules and reschedules for you, or you use the platform manually to visualize improvements, you are always in charge and more importantly, you are always in the know.

Product Configurator and Calculation

The method

Making the right calculations is the only way to reduce the consumption of time and raw materials and thus save money. The product configurator is the best-in-class production modeling tool for your factory. This tool ensures the optimal calculations for the usage of time and raw material. This underlying structure in the system will let you create planning proposals to answer client questions immediately and do cost price calculations quickly.

The product configurator feeds the algorithms and can be used stand-alone in the platform to set you up for efficient management, scheduling and reducing waste in your production environment. Unleash real power when you integrate with your current ERP system and setup for smooth operation.

Cloud Power and Connected


Secure and reliable integration of systems. The software-as-a-service scheduling platform is ready to use as soon as you are. Industry 4.0 is now all about connectivity and we preferably connect on multiple levels with existing software in your organization and external stakeholders in the supply chain. Whether you consume our APS straight from the cloud or use an implementation installed in your own private environment, you’ll always be using up-to-date software and be connected.

You can also begin with a stand-alone setup. Start optimization and produce results immediately and plan ahead the future integrations for offering a fully integrated optimal software solution for your organization.


A bird's-eye view

The right information at the right time, at all times. Every part of the platform is designed with the 360-degree field of vision philosophy. We do this by developing easy-to-use platform modules. Performance indicators and notifications to visualize current state. Dashboards for each department to make reporting in your organization a breeze. Data displayed exactly when needed to who needs it. A perfectly clear overview of all, or rather just the necessary things. 

That is our scheduling platform, where you quickly find what you need and information is displayed in the absolute clearest form. Your users will find their way quickly and will be delighted with the user experience, making the adoption of the platform near frictionless.

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