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Our software consists of several modules that help you with planning. They work together to enable you to achieve higher output from your machines by optimizing the production sequence on machines and across departments. This shortens lead times, reduces waste such as time and materials, provides assistance and solutions in case of unplanned downtime, and ensures that you can deliver on time. How do we do this? We'd be happy to explain.


Welcome to our Advanced Planning & Scheduling platform.

Discover more information about the modules here, which indicate in order the role they play within our software.

Our software:


Blue Star Planning collects all relevant production data from production orders and live status. As an add-on in existing environments and uses as much data as possible that already exists.

2. Product Configurator

The Product Configurator is a highly advanced, technical part that transforms received data into usable planning data for the algorithms. Extensive calculation options for production times and material consumption lay the foundation for optimizations in production.

3. Plan Engine

The Plan Engine is the calculator in the cloud. These are the algorithms to come up with the right plan proposals. This unique computing power takes into account set conditions that are important for your production, such as material, delivery date and optimal combinations. This is how plan proposals come about and the recalculations are made during the production process.

4. Planboard

The Planboard is the real-time display of planning, status and forecast. The relevant information is always available and comprehensible for each workstation. For the planner, the Planboard also adds the plan proposals, to interactively compare and edit a new production schedule.

5. Constraint Based and What Ifs

To determine a plan sequence where both high productivity and on-time delivery are important, rules and dependencies are defined and applied. These and other "constraints" can be adjusted and recalculated via the Planboard. Changes in resource availability can also be adjusted and incorporated into each new plan proposal.

6. Live Push

Live Push Viewing and comparing the planning and plan proposals takes place centrally via the Planboard. Details of all levels are available and can be adjusted, thus planning can also be influenced manually. Upon acceptance of the plan proposal, the new planning and task lists are immediately visible at all workstations and sent back there ERP/MIS.

7. Telemetry and Forecasts

The ideal production planning is to determine the optimal production sequence, but also to execute it. The real-time monitoring of production orders and the determination of the status of all processes provide a far-reaching insight into the status and feasibility of set objectives. With the use of hardware and software links, the planning can be monitored and adjustments can be made during the production process.



As a platform, we facilitate multiple aspects relevant to optimizing scheduling, upfront and downstream. This includes features such as what-if scenarios, telemetry (hardware), forecasting, machine learning, dashboarding, reporting and much more.

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