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The ideal production planning.

Our autonomous Advanced Planning and Scheduling software platform helps you maximize productivity by creating the ideal production planning. With over 20 years of software development experience, Blue Star Planning creates one APS software solution consisting of seven key modules.

The modules

The BSP APS modules work together to enable you to get higher output from your machines by optimizing the production sequences on machines and across departments. This reduces lead times, reduces waste such as time and material, provides help and solutions on unplanned downtime, and ensures that you continue to deliver on time. 


The latest techniques

Thanks to our innovative software platform that uses the latest techniques developed for cloud computing, we can apply Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to your data, apply our algorithms for your planning, and integrate with your existing software and solutions. 

Product Configurator


The correct method to ensure you can reduce time, material, up your productivity, and save money.

The correct way to determine the most optimal sequencing of production orders on your resources is being able to make perfectly detailed calculations with your factory’s parameters. We calculate time and raw material usage for each single process in each sequence and on each resource. 


The product configurator builds the templates for all your product groups in a visually attractive and understandable way. These templates can be fed with data from your current (ERP) software system to insert new production orders, or the templates are used as input models when you use Blue Star Planning as a stand-alone platform.


For every production environment the product configurator is the highly advanced, adaptable, understandable and solid foundation to kick off your production process.

Schedule Editor


Always have an up-to-date schedule for your resources and personnel, correctly configured for your expected performance in every shift.

The Schedule Editor makes editing of schedules frictionless. An easy-to-use user interface engages employees to maintain your schedules up to the minute.


Availability, performance, and progress are visualized throughout the application. This prominent presence of the schedule throughout the software platform keeps your employees engaged and focused on the tasks at hand.


Detailed configuration is possible via the Schedule Editor to facilitate reserve capacity or create overflow grace periods (i.e., finish the job if it takes you 10 minutes longer).

Planning Engine


Continuously create the Ideal Production Planning for your dynamic production environment.

The Planning Engine's strength is our developed technology for constraint-based planning; determine the optimal sequencing of production orders on your resources and schedule for each other resource and department accordingly. Taking into account your current available time, material and configuration


While all our modules together make our platform ‘just work’ for you, the Planning Engine is the actual motor that makes the platform tick. Constantly evaluating, calculating, and signaling to the software modules (and thus your users and your systems) what is going on, what is going wrong, and what can be done better.


Contact us directly for more information. We’ll happily explain how our technology works for your production environment in a personal conversation.

Workflow Engine


Reliable automated data flow that is tailored to your processes and visualized for insight and maintainability.

All automation processes are being executed and tracked with the Workflow Engine. It provides a clear insight in and log of data transfer, manipulations, and setup of the Planning Engine for your software environment. Visualization is key in our software platform; no exception is made for the workflows.


This powerful part of the software platform is one of the pillars to deliver our software implementation quickly, adapt to your environment and remain flexible for any future expansion and changes in your factory.



Communicate your production planning to every resource and employee to increase engagement, react and adapt quickly to changes and align all departments and teams.

The Planboard is the window into your production environment, the dashboard that shows your resources and their operations in real-time, and tracks the status and progress of every production order in your factory. Specific views are available for every operator with real-time planning information and all relevant production order details. Via these views, their Planboard, the operators can interact with the system, be in charge, and always be in the know.



Evaluate your current and past performance, as you would use a regular dashboard. On top of that, it generates simulations and peek into the future and makes it an even more valuable databoard.

The data board is your (configurable) overview of performance in your factory. The Blue Star Planning software platform is tracking all operations and tasks in your factory, and on the databoard displays the performance of current and passed activities.


Based on your filter settings and/or access level, you can zoom from an organizational view down into resource performance. Or compare operations between resource groups or resources.


Next to data review, you can use a simulator to further use all available data and create simulations to have a peek into future developments. With this powerful tool, you can pre-calculate the impact of new business in your current environment or evaluate how investments in new resources can help improve your lead times.



A rock-solid communication between your software systems, plant hardware, and cloud-based solutions ensure a truly smooth operation.

The connector is our part of the system where we have put our 20 years of experience in connecting software systems via local and cloud-based API’s for the integration of ERP systems, DTP, WMS, and hardware systems.


We have a default set of connectors onboard for immediate integration with existing systems and add tailor-made connections where necessary, to always have an optimal integration path for your needs.


Part of our connector is our own API. ‘We love to hear from you’, meaning you can pass any data on to us and request any data from our platform for your own benefit. Our ‘Agent Blue’ facilitates access to our API’s, documentation, and debugging facilities.

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