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Solving the six main machine losses in OEE

  • Yes! You'll get insight in: Technical faults, Waiting processes (due to planned and unplanned stoppages)

  • Yes! You'll will get insight in: Speed losses and Short stops

  • Yes! You’ll get insight in: Start-up losses and Rejection and reprocessing
General Questions

  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling refers to an ideal production management process in which material flow is matched optimally with machine and people capacity. APS software is suitable for environments where simple planning methods can not accurately reflect the complexity of making optimal combinations with various planning priorities.

  • If you don't measure , you don't know and you don't improve. We give you the best equipment to make the Deepdive in measuring your unknown optimizing possibilities due to our specialized Planning and Scheduling platform.

  • No, APS is a specialism that helps ERP and MES to optimize the planning and scheduling.

  • Yes, cooperation is undoubtedly possible for the benefit of your factory

  • Congratulations on having a successful business! Wait, you do have pains and those pains are in production? Let's talk.

  • Yes! Even if you have one OEE-machine

  • Our product is ALMOST like a holy grail, except: it doesn't change your company culture automatically. You are the hero and you need to facilitate change. Congratulations, you have just conquered 80% of effort to let our system meet your expectations.
Company Questions

  • We truly automate production planning, not only visualize it.
  • We calculate based on the most accurate model, not a partial model.
  • Most (85% or even more) of our 'competitors' offer planning solutions out of necessity. Planning and scheduling is not their core business. This provides 'integrated' solutions, but sub-optimal.
  • Their infrastructure is different (on premise, requires heavy hardware, windows machines) and uses the same old user interfaces as their desktop software. Our software is built from the ground up to be everywhere-every device, best possible user experience.
  • Because you want the absolute best scheduling mechanism for automated planning and a smooth operation.

  • Our story begins between sophisticated production machines at the heart of a family business. From the culture of always improving, striving for quality and higher productivity, we experienced success and overcame struggles in highly competitive markets. Through our love of technology, we developed low code software ERP platforms, successfully implementing software solutions for logistics and manufacturing, servicing numerous clients in service consultancies, steel trade and manufacturing industries, all of which we still do to this day. This strong basis in manufacturing has set up our talented team, who together put over half a century of experience in our next best software platform for advanced planning and scheduling for production companies.

  • Yes, have a look at the career page!
Implementation Questions

  • We are sorry for your anguish, but also very happy to have reached you just in time, we got the right solution for you! Although, if you don't have time for an implementation, because you can't give us any attention...our price went just up. Because, we are in this together, without your effort we can only make our platform work, not your organization.

  • Our API's are industry standard and easy to configure, also data-formats. Spending time on integration is brought to a minimum.
  • The Product Configurator is configured based on existing data from the customers environment. We will 'model' as much as possible automatically, no long implementation traject.
  • The simulator validates the implementation before go-live.
  • The 'scope' of our functionality is VAST, but our brilliantly designed user interfaces make everything accessible in just a few clicks.

  • Rely on our experience and industry standard API's.
  • Make sure you have a good and modern ERP.
  • We cooperate open and honestly with your ERP provide, so should they with us.
Support Questions

  • Your SLA will have given you timeslots wherein you can call us.
  • We'll help you personally via our predefined scripts,

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