Creating Synergy


Up and Running

Blue Star Planning's software is known for its expertise, reliability, speed, and flexibility. From our point of view, the accompanying consultancy should match these values. The main goal should be to get companies up and running as soon as possible. We do not pursue lengthy consultations with little result.


Our selected partners are local consulting & services companies active in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. When it fits your needs, their role is to help you implement BSP APS to get the most out of your Blue Star Planning APS software solution.

Become Tech partner

Tech partners consist of hardware and software companies that contribute to, cooperate with, and build upon Blue Star Planning's software. Together with Blue Star Planning's development team, they develop advanced add-ons for their software and hardware systems based on our specialism and/or embed Blue Star Planning in third-party systems, which are common customers. 



  • We expand our software portfolio.
  • We broader our international network.
  • We increase our online and offline visibility.
  • We target new markets and increase sales opportunities. 
  • Increase overall software efficiency and satisfaction rate for our clients.

Are you interested in becoming a partner?

Please fill in the contact form if you want to talk to us about the opportunities for partnering.