Let's integrate

Because the world is networked and so is the production environment

Blue Star Planning’s open platform integrates with your existing environment. Our extensive APIs allow integration with all functions that the planning and scheduling platform offers. Due to the comprehensive networking, we go several steps further in planning and scheduling.

Blue Academy

Our software platform is ready to use and simple to learn. It’s so simple that you can learn it on the job.

We have created our Academy Blue platform to help you better understand the business logic and change your implementation. Technical documentation, how-to videos, and other resources can be found here.

All clients have automatic access to Academy Blue.

Blue Star

Our software platform has an extensive list of APIs. This enables far-reaching integration with existing software and hardware environments.

Our partners and integrators, the Blue Stars, have access to their own environment and use and visualize their own datasets.

More information on how we onboard new Blue Stars is available upon request.