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aps software

Solutions that exceed expectations

  • Boost machine output

  • Reduce time leads

  • Optimize production sequence on machines and across departments

  • Minimize waste such as time and material

Our autonomous Advanced Planning and Scheduling software platform helps you to maximize productivity by creating the ideal production planning. With over 20 years of software development experience, Blue Star Planning creates one APS software solution consisting of seven key modules.

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Our approach to implement


When planning new software implementation, you need maximum transparency and a clear plan. Next to laying down all details upfront, the platform is designed for you to automate the setup of your production environment and come to results as soon as possible. You’ll be helped quickly with the setup, so you can really go!

  • Frictionless and Quick implementation

  • Unique setup method

  • Add-on on your current systems

  • No disruption of your current processes

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Who we are

Team blue star planning

Learn more about Team Blue Star Planning. We are a highly motivated and dedicated team developing APS software for SMEs in the manufacturing industry. We would be delighted to explain to you in greater detail what we do, who we are and what our vision and mission is.

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