Clever user interfaces for a multitude of functionality. Killer features power our solutions, software that is easy to use with the best graphical representation for the user. 20 years of developing industry standard software have gone into our industry 4.0 platform, next level functionality and graphical goodness that is easy to adopt.

Schedule Editor

Best-in-class scheduling

Frictionless editing of schedules so your resource and personnel planning is always up to date. You require accessible and easy to maintain schedules to track availability across resources and employees. Our scheduling engine needs an accurate representation of your resource availability for production and maintenance. We are convinced our scheduling functionality is the best in class, even beating the best consumer-friendly companies out there.

Job Control

Houston, we have data

The best insight into the progress of the entire production and detailed insight into each production order. “That is all I needed to know” is a common answer in any production environment where a lot of configuration and parameters are involved. Blue Star Planning contains this information and answers every question in time.

There are multiple approaches to present the data from your production orders. The platform covers all overviews you need. Dashboard views for your planning department and team lead to monitor status and review performance. Resource views for operators to prepare and zoom in into information for the production jobs, interact with the platform or review historic data.

Production job insights for anyone, real time insight in status and the right flow.

Workflow Engine

Visible flow

Reliable automatic data processing, relieves employees of the workload by calculating schedules, communicating statuses, making reports. The platform performs magic with cloud power and is still far from a black box. You’ll be provided with a high amount of tailoring to fit exactly to your production environment and the platform is designed to visualize every detail and implication.

The automation processes, what we call workflows, including decision making and scheduling, are implemented in the workflow engine. This gives you true insight into your data. 


Powering 360-V

Transparent calculations for future investments, implication of new business and crystal-clear reports. Every decision made, every piece of communication, everything is about your data. The 360-V philosophy aligns this with visualizing data in a comprehensive report on past, present and future events.

Our machine learning is used to record historical data and use pattern recognition to improve decision-making in your current live environment. In addition, there is long-term capacity. The data boards ensure that you can make optimal use of all that valuable data.

Benefits of implementing Blue Star Planning

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