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An enterprise-wide solution.


With new software comes change. But only positive ones, of course. Find out what positive influences the software can have on the four prominent positions related to planning and what that means for them.


For the planners & supervisors

Does it take you a long time to create a production schedule or make schedule changes? Then plan now to save that time! We can use our algorithms to create a new plan proposal every time, eliminating the need to manually assemble the schedule. Changes are quickly calculated, allowing for instant implications and answers.

For the management

We actively improve the speed of implementing a new planning throughout the production process. New plans are quickly made by the algorithms and are immediately visible on the work floor. Planning for high productivity is always carried out and insight into performance is always visible in advance AND afterwards. From the basis, operational excellence is supported and as a manager you always have insight into performance and progress.

For the shopfloor

The integrated user interfaces make the platform with Planboard accessible to all users in the production process. Through real-time registrations via hardware or software, the production status for planning is always up-to-date. Each user receives the relevant data and options for the workstation. The planning is thus up-to-date at every workstation and automatically adapted to the last approved plan proposal.

For IT managers

We are a cloud-based application and does not require heavy servers or complicated integration. All functionality of the platform is also available through APIs and thus can be easily linked to other platforms. The data lakes are also securely and redundantly housed in the cloud. The registrations and performance data are also freely accessible and insightful from there for further personal use.

Want to know more?

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