Don't miss the boat, radar and especially the diver!

Don't miss the boat, radar and especially the diver!

Don't miss the boat, the radar and especially the diver!

Look around you, you are sailing and not just anywhere, you are in the Pacific on a specific mission. There you are working hard on the boat, which is big, sturdy and suitable to adapt to and control the waves. The boat has an extensive panel of radar systems to continuously monitor and control whether you are still in the right place, on the right course and whether the boat is functioning properly. The boat has a diving specialist on board, who searches for the treasure at the bottom of the deepest and most mysterious channel. In cooperation with the radar system and the experienced captain of the boat, the diver takes the deep dive with his specialised diving equipment. He discovers all kinds of treasures on his way to the deepest spots of the trench.

It is a form of metaphor that briefly describes that Blue Star Planning's APS platform has an additional role and functionality in relation to ERP and MES. ERP is your boat including all the necessary equipment to sail it, while MES is the continuous monitoring and actuation radar, while APS is the specialised equipment that activates the diver to take the actual dive into the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the ocean. Once the dive has been taken, it is the APS diving equipment, which continues to communicate with the ERP boat and the MES radar at all times. For example, all relevant discoveries, which are communicated on the production line, are named.

And why should the ERP boat and the MES radar actually be involved in the comparison with the diver? Indeed, some equipment is needed to be able to function in the planning, let's say to a certain extent in your planning optimisation. However, Blue Star Planning is the expert you want to have on board when it comes to optimising your planning and scheduling. Where the ERP boat cannot optimise your planning and scheduling on a detailed level, and the MES radar cannot look ahead and calculate optimal product combinations, Blue Star Planning's APS platform is the answer to these shortcomings. The functionality of our equipment ensures excellent mutual communication with the necessary information from ERP and MES, because in the end it is not only about the equipment, but also about the mutual cooperation to achieve the desired result based on the final planning.

Together with you, the diver, the platform discovers the still hidden bottlenecks in the planning. Are you prepared to make the deepdive to discover the as yet unknown possibilities of optimisation?

Then get on the boat!




Jeff Flokstra

Marketing and Communication strategist, that likes playing chess.

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