How we implement

True Story About The Elephant.

We have never heard a software provider say it takes long hours and loads of consultancy to implement their solution. It is, of course, the elephant in the room. In most cases, implementations are complicated, time-consuming, and over budget. You don’t want that, and neither do we.


You want to make decisions for implementing new systems with confidence. Know what to expect by carefully planning and clearly agreeing on results. From step one in our partnership to every deliverable along the way.

First Meeting
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It really is a pleasure to get to know each other personally in order to determine how we can serve each other. What makes your company tick, how many people and resources are you? Share your story with us, we are all Eyes And Ears.

Company scan
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It’s time for the first deep dive, and your undivided attention is needed. To be concrete about what is needed: We will schedule some time with different teams in your company. We will send questionnaires ahead so we both can start prepared, make our meetings efficient, and get answers fast.

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You will get a transparent proposal, detailing the steps from a minimum feasible installation for immediate benefit in your organization, to a maximum feasible implementation, which is achieved together with maximum integration with existing systems.

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Yours and our collaborative effort in getting from the minimum viable installation to a maximum viable implementation, focused heavily on results and evaluated weekly.

If you still have questions

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Modelling your production environment

A minimal viable production setup is creating your product templates in our platform. We do automation to have the product configurator build models from your data. This is the starting point, even before heavy integration and implementation processes, immediately getting results.

When a plan comes together

Our implementation follows a clear route from immediate results, towards a fully integrated and optimized environment. We are planning and scheduling, so from intake to the deliverables each step should be clear.


No. No matter how many resources you operate with, if you deal with strict demands for short delivery times for a fair amount of orders, you constantly need to improve productivity to stay ahead of your competition.

No. We have designed our system to operate next to and on top of your current systems. As much as we like to achieve results fast, we like to cause minimal disruption in your processes.

Together we setup a path for progress. The implementation of our platform is only the start. We fully support every further step, from first line same day support to running 24/7 production.

We prefer to react as fast as possible, which is remotely to start with. Scheduled interventions are never a problem, we like to work in your environment just as much as you. Of course we regard any safety measure that is in place.

20 years of experience in both software engineering and running production environments have setup our team to provide you with the best software solution on the market.